Jane Clayson Johnson



Silent Souls Weeping

I think we all feel a tremendous vulnerability in opening ourselves up and sharing difficult personal experiences. 

But because depression is so prevalent today and many people struggle with it, I truly believe that once we’ve experienced the trial of depression, we’re part of a fellowship with a particular responsibility to show greater love and empathy for others who suffer. 

We need to reach out and help each other and share our stories, so no one is alone in this struggle.

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I Am a Mother

The sanctity of motherhood can be hard to appreciate when you spend endless hours making PB&J's, singing along with Elmo, helping create elaborate science projects, or enforcing late-night curfews. Many in the world will shout that motherhood is full of small, mundane tasks. And certainly, if you look only on the surface, this is true. 

But underneath all of the secondary things mothers do—cook, clean, read, chauffeur, nurse, and so on—is a mother's real occupation and, I believe, the definition of true success. Webster defines occupation as "the principal business of one's life." The principal business of a mother's life is loving and nurturing her children; it is teaching them, by example, how to pass on that love and thereby strengthening the world around them.