Jane Clayson Johnson

Silent Souls Weeping


Jane Clayson Johnson begins her book with an open and frank exploration of her own experience with clinical depression and goes on to share stories gathered from interviews with more than 150 men, women, and teens—all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—who have suffered from depression.


Within each story is a plea to change the dialogue surrounding depression, particularly among Latter-day Saints, who face unique struggles as they try to fit a disease manifest through sorrow into a religion centered on a “plan of happiness.” 

“The worst part of depression,” Jane writes, “is the profound isolation it engenders, not just from the Spirit but from family, friends, and community.” Sharing our stories is the first step toward ending that isolation. 

This important book opens the door for a new level of honesty and helpfulness, both for those who suffer from depression and for their family members, friends, and Church leaders.


Advance Praise for Silent Souls Weeping


“. . . paints an articulate and somehow beautiful picture of the soul-numbing and core-shaking world of deep depression. This is a masterful work, full of hope . . . a book you’ll read, highlight, then share by the dozens.”

Wendy Ulrich, bestselling author and past president of the
Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists



“. . .beautiful and poignant... Jane Clayson Johnson generates a safe and inclusive space in which to develop and strengthen the understanding, empathy and mercy that is rooted in vulnerability. This book is a vital read.”

—Fiona Givens, bestselling author of Crucible of Doubt



“Jane Clayson Johnson has drawn upon scores of real-life experiences of Latter-day Saints who have managed to confront their mental darkness and gradually climb out of the emotional pit into the light. Jane has produced a very needed and significant book. I was inspired, encouraged, and thoroughly instructed.”

—Robert L. Millet, Professor Emeritus of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University



Silent Souls Weeping had me running back to its pages between everyday tasks to pull out Jane’s wisdom and stories to share with friends and loved ones who deal with depression and anxiety. I was deeply moved by the honesty expressed on these pages. It is a book everyone can—and should—read to gain understanding, empathy and hope for those who suffer.”

—Neill F. Marriott, former counselor in the General Young Women Presidency



“Jesus taught that truth will set us free. Jane Clayson Johnson has written this book in the full light of that doctrine, a book marked by honesty and authenticity. She has carefully gathered up truth from a wealth of sources—but mostly she has listened to those who have lived the reality of depression. These are stories told with beautiful candor. Through them Jane shows us a path to deeper understanding and renewed hope. This book will bless many lives. It has already blessed mine.”

—David F. Holland, Harvard Divinity School

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